Friday, 16 February 2018


A tweet about funny customers reminds me of my waitressing days. Those were the good days. Since I was the only girl, my fellow male colleagues were really sweet with me. Customers....mcm tu lah. Some were really sweet some were total bitches.

My top favourite customers were

1. Okay so there was this one day, it was lunch time - rush hour. There was a female customer. She sat out of my working area, like say I was in charge of section C but she was in section A. But everytime I passed by her table - either to submit orders or the send food to the table, she’d call me. She called me twice and I asked her, politely, to wait for a moment. My friend would come. She was pissed off. She was with a sweet old granny and she was like “it’s okay we’ll wait. Then she smiled at me.”

Once I kinda settled down, I rushed to her table to take order. Everything was cool. They left.

But the granny kept coming back, and we’ll talk. She was very sweet. Until one day I told her I was working there only temporarily. My SPM results would come out on the next day. What she said next touched me, and I would never forget it.

Granny “It’s okay dear, don’t worry. Allah bagi yang terbaik untuk orang yang terbaik.”

My heart melted.

I took my leave the following day (obviously I had to go get my results didn’t I?) and my friend said granny came by and asked how was my result. They told her I got straight A’s. However, very sadly, she never came again after that. I kinda wanted to see her again to tell her the happy news myself. I hope you’re doing well granny ❤️

2. It’s a group of 3 boys. They were probably a year or two older than me. They were from schools around mine. Let’s jusy say, around that area there are many schools, mine was top and the other schools were rather.....lousy haha (sorry!)

They were really playful. They always came by and hang out when it wasn’t rush hour. They’d sometime call me and tell me silly stories, show me magic tricks etc. They knew I was from SAB (my school) and they knew I was waiting for my results.

On the day I was back to work after the results day, they came. I took their orders and everything and they called me, asking about my results so I told them “Alhamdulillah I got straight A’s”. One of them went “SHIT!” the other went “Told ya.” and I was like..... “Can I know what’s going on here?”

And guess what? They had a bet on my results! LOL! I find it funny and sweet. Such a fun bunch.

3. There were more actually. I had quite a pleasant experience working back then. Those very cerewet customers whim I happen to be nice to, and the whole family liked me and wouldn’t want any other waiters to serve them other than me. The sweet Chinese guy with his little son who always order the same thing every time they came, and even gave me and pao on cny. The waiter next door who had a crush on me, and the waiter in the other shop whom I had a crush on.

It was a fun time. I’d do it again if I have the chance. ❤️

Thursday, 15 February 2018


This is most probably the last of the very few posts written about you. I would’ve written your full name if you weren’t all too “famous” now. Don’t want your “fans” to come across this blog stalking you on google.

You begged for a second chance. One which I granted, but snatched away a few days later. I was very mad, I was furious. If you were in front of me you might have been awarded with a tight bitch slap on your pretty face. However, now that I’ve calmed down, I’m glad I gave you the second chance. Actually, it’s not you whom I gave the second chance to, it was for myself.

Honestly, I blamed myself for what happened the last time. I was stressed out with my final year exam, and you were struggling to adapt to your new job schedule, and I was being too emotional, I was clingy and pushy. That’s what I felt. I blamed myself for things not working out between us. I said sorry, I wanted things to work out. At that time I wish I could turn back time, to where we begin, to fix things. But you’ve already grown very distant.

It was over. And I moved on. And I’m happy.

You’ll text me time to time. I wasn’t bothered at all. I’ve moved on and to me, you’re a friend. Until one day, you asked if you could “fix things”, that you wanted to “make it right”, that you were “sorry”. The moment I agreed to give you another chance, I know things wouldn’t be much different than the first time, but well I’m Madihah, I gave it anyway.

I wasn’t emotional, I wasn’t clingy, I wasn’t pushy. I was being very neutral, I even tried being a very good friend, to which you said “...but I wanted more.”

Two days later, you start doing shits again. You do things you know very well upset me and all you said was “sorry”? You’re such an ass. You’re worse than Hakeem. It’s a disgrace to him that I even compare him to you. It’s like you purposely want to hurt me. What are you? A sadist? You have fun inflicting pain on others? Fuck you.

But it proves one thing, it wasn’t me, it’s you. Maybe all the pain you felt/feel, you deserve all that. That’s just karma knocking on your door. I hope your pain intensifies. I hope your pain will never go away. This is the most evil thing I’ve ever wished on anyone, but you deserve it. 

Sunday, 28 January 2018


Some days I’m strong and some days I’m weak. Just like any other girls or human beings out there. On days where I’m strong, I know my worth, I’ll step up my ego and I won’t let another mess up my mind.

And then there are days where I’m weak. Where you came back just to mess up with my head, where I’d consider lowering down my ego and maybe approve of your request of a second chance.

I hate myself sometimes. It doesn’t really matter how much you’ve hurt me. Once you knock on the door, I always always always open it. No matter how angry, how broken, how messed up you made me, I always forgive and I take you to your words. Once you’ve become a part of my life, you will never really be totally thrown away out of it. I guess that’s my biggest weakness. I always let people come back. I let people hurt me, leave me, messed up with my head. And always welcoming when they apologise, came back and asked for another chance.

I try not to care but I won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt, cause it does. If that’s your plan, you succeeded. Congrats. 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

A problem.

You are an independent girl who’s totally fine on being alone, you’re strong enough to know that being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. You know exactly what you want, you’ve so much more to achieve in life and you definitely won’t settle. You enjoy the attention, and that’s merely it.

And of course, despite all that, there’s someone you’ve your eyes and heart on.

The problem is, he’s just like you.

He’s an independent guy who’s totally fine on being alone, he’s strong enough to know that being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. He knows exactly what he wants, he has so much more to achieve in life and he definitely won’t settle. He probably enjoy the attention, and that’s merely it.

He probably had someone he has his eyes and heart on, too.

The problem is, the person is definitely not you.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


I shouldn't have stalked you.

This guy was present in my life for a very short period of time. Of course, each and every one of my crush are special in their own way (most of them being tall, fair, cute and wearing glasses), but they're merely eye candies. Most of my crushed I never even dreamed of being with them, I know that we're not gonna end up together or whatever.

So, everyone knows how it was like between me and Hakeem. He was the first guy that I had a very deep feelings for, and the bittersweetness of what we had left a huge impact on my life. I gotta admit that I never thought that I could find anyone who can beat that. It feels like I've felt love, and could there be anyone else out there who could make me feel that way again?

After so many years, this one guy walked into my life. Well, many guys walked into my life, and out of it. But this particular guy, there's just something so special about him. When we talk, things just flowed, our sense of humour is on the same par, our chemistry were so strong I swear to God I could've married him right there and then if he'd ask. I was so certain. Everything about him just feels so right, and things went perfectly fine for some time, and then when I least expect it.....he ghosted. He started seeing a girl from his college. Screw distance. Screw this thousands of miles that exist between us. (He broke up with that girl shortly after that, he's single now, I guess?)

I've moved on. I've long moved on. But time to time, I keep coming across screenshots of your pickup lines in my phone gallery, of your witty jokes which I thought I've deleted. And every time that happens, I would stalk your Instagram and Twitter profiles. Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're miserable. Your travel pictures, your food hunting pictures, activities that you do over the weekend which I wish I could join.

Could it be that you're the right guy but that was a wrong time?